Love Letters

A Day Full of Surprises

A love letter from the Father 



Although you started out small, like an ammonite born with a little shell. You are moving into better than ever before, just as an ammonite moves into more expansive chambers, and seals away the old limited spaces. 


You are on a one-way road, My loveliest one. There will be no more going backwards into worsened experiences or staying in the same place as you were. I am moving you from the old to the new, as I expand your territory, just as I have promised to do. 


Like an ammonite moving into a new, and bigger chamber than before–you are moving into another level that is far greater than ever before. 


Soon, every remembrance of heartache will fade away, as I give you double prosperity in the place of your suffering. 


Like an ammonite shell that is filled with shimmering crystal, and pearlescent rainbow lining, the past pain that you have endured is transforming into the most elaborate blessings.


Beloved, allow Me to soothe your heart with comforting words. I am placing you in enhanced protection from attacks, and I will remove every tension that has been associated with the trauma from before. 


You are being filled with fresh life to prosper and start anew–and I will provide you with the stability of what I have promised to do being done effortlessly for you. 


Don’t stress, My darling child. Things will happen quicker when you are resting in Me. I will meet you where you are, and I know all about your needs. Don’t underestimate how far I will go to put a smile on your face. 


I will generously increase your status from here, and I will be your extra-plush comfort of support. I am cutting the past sorrows off, like an ammonite that seals off the old chambers and leaves a spectacular mark. 


Rest upon My promises, dear heart, like an ammonite retracting into its shell to protect itself from predators. There is no reason to fear having an experience that is more traumatic than you have, or suffering from more afflictions than what you have already had.


Fears are rumors that are not true. Nothing that you fear is going to happen for you. I am on your side, My child, and I will protect you from any dangers. 


Focus on the path that I have set before you and pay no attention to what anyone says. Don’t allow the doubts and lack of faith from others to inhibit you from entering this dream as a reality. 


Judgmental thoughts will only impoverish those who think them. Stay in a positive place as you open your heart to receive freely from My love support vows. Open your heart to receive by entering into a place of joy-filled gratitude. 


Like moving into the deeper waters of the sea, that are less impacted by the shallow water things–turn off every distraction that you see, as you saturate yourself in all that I promised it would be.


The better than you feel, the easier things will be. Tell yourself to feel good about what will be and believe, because how you feel is the deepest way that you can think. 


Pick the very best thoughts and believe that I will bring you a beautiful outcome. Believe in what you have requested to be. From the moment that you prayed, your desire was brought before Me, and I deliver the fruition that you seek. 


Let go of the past and refuse to entertain another fearful thought. Choose to believe that this will turn out just as you hope. Don’t be afraid to be confident in Me to come through. You won’t have to stress and struggle to see this through. 


Allow love to dominate your thoughts and emotions, and expand by faith to believe that your hopes will happen. For faith is the title deed of what you hope for coming to the surface, and the Divine guarantee that makes the unseen visible. 


Beloved, do not look at how impossible it seems at the moment. You are not subject to the ways of worldly things. I can do anything that you can hope or dream–and I can do it all in a flicker of a moment.  


My dear, forget your worries and tap into the everlasting power of My ever-present promise. I will cause you to receive so deeply, as you touch your faith to My Eternal energy. 


Like a glittering ammonite gem, captivating the beholder with dancing colors moving within, you will be enriched with miracles, and blessings–as I place you into prosperous wellbeing. 


You are becoming the dream that you have cherished, as the invisible promise is brought out into fulfillment. 


I will lift you up to be a real testament of success, like a glittering bronze ammonite that has been polished to gemstone quality. From where you are now, you will continue to expand and increase. 


I will cause you to receive hidden wealth from every direction, and you will never go back to the humble place where you started. 


Like one of the rarest gemstones on earth, I will adorn you with unparalleled beauty that lasts and grows. You’ll be an icon of eon-old faith, as I cause My love to release a rainbow flash through your testimony. 


After being unseen and unnoticed for so long, under the deep layers of sand and silt, I am raising up a fulfillment of a much-needed promise to be your rescue of help.  


From out of nowhere, it will happen for you, and you’ll see the beauty of My words brought out before you. I will reveal the event that seemed like it would never come, as cause the myriad of hues to dazzle your eyes. 


Like an ammonite propelling like a jet through the turquoise ocean, I will bring a rescue that will turn things around swiftly for you. This fulfillment will be delivered more suddenly and surprising that what you knew! 


You will be surprised by how quickly I deliver this fulfillment to you. It will come as a surprise, because this is closer than you think. It will come out of the blue and fall right into your lap. Plan to receive a day full of surprises!




Scribed by Dannette Ward



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