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Keep Going


Yesterday morning, I had to check out of where we had been staying. It was something that I had been praying for at the same time because it was not the most appealing location. I had been feeling the tension that precedes change, and I knew it was about time to move on.  


I had really high hopes that God would show up to fulfill His promise of support for this journey for us. There is a specific place God promised to take us and an extremely large amount of money that God promised to deliver so that we could go. I was expecting that to happen yesterday more than anything else. 


Since there was no way to go anywhere yet and the bucket of support that I had was drained dry, we went to a beautiful nature center that was full of ducks and trees, and walking trails. While we were there, I put the “promised” place in my GPS, so that I was ready to go when this miracle happened. 


My daughter went out for a walk through the beautifully paved trail to enjoy the scenery, and I stayed behind to exercise my faith for a miracle to come through. 


I used the time to stretch my faith in the way that God had been telling me to do. After several hours, I started to get weary, and I burst into tears….letting all my deep hidden fears spill out. It was beyond hard to stretch my faith under such dire conditions of needing a place to stay and food to keep us replenished. 


Eventually I came to the point that I just hit despair and gave up. I was praying and God gave me a vision of a sprouted plant, and He said “for shelter”. So I published a quick blog with our need and enough came through to cover our place of shelter for last night and also for tonight. God bless you so much! ♡


God led us to a new place, and I was expecting it to be gross because of the low price and very rare “no deposit requirement”. To my surprise, it was way nicer than where we had been, and it even had a kitchen and a bedroom for my daughter to have privacy. 


It is in a beautiful little neighborhood and the city that we are currently staying in was actually ranked as one of the best in the nation to raise a family in. 


I was so thankful for the shelter, and I cried and praised God for saving our life. After I had time to settle my mind a little from the dizziness of change, I was very troubled because I couldn’t understand what went wrong. 


I spent the rest of the night praying, and I cried my eyes out because things didn’t go how I expected them to. God had given me this huge promise of something very big that would take us to the place that He has been leading us to all these months. 


I was ready to bank my life on it happening yesterday and when it didn’t happen, and I had to humiliate myself by posting my need for help, I was devastated. It was bitter-sweet. I was so thankful that God saved our life and for the love support that was sent, but I was mad at myself because I felt like I had failed. 


Finally, God gave me an encounter early this morning with the answer to my questions. He showed me a giant bear with prison bars in its stomach. Inside the prison bars, I could see a giant diamond of promise being held that was mine. 


God said that it was “taken” taken from me, like a thief, and then God said that the enemy would receive the “Judgement of God” for stealing what was mine. 


After that, God told me to keep going and get back to “flying” by faith to believe. He said that I would get back even more than what was stolen, and God gave me a vision of myself flying by faith with my promise. 


Then Jesus brought me a beautiful bed with pretty blue blankets and a bunch of fruit and food for us to eat in the vision. God showed me the numbers 10:10, and He reminded me of His promise in John 10:10 TPT,


A thief has only one thing in mind—he wants to steal, slaughter, and destroy. But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect—life in its fullness until you overflow! 


As I was coming out of the encounter, God was telling me to keep believing and stop staying in a place of feeling like it is so far away. He told me to move closer and to believe it has already been done. 


Sometimes the disappointments come…not because we did anything wrong….but because the enemy is a thief. 


Yet God has promised that we will get all that was stolen back and it will be so much more than what we were expecting. 


So no matter how disappointing things may have been for you in your own journey of faith and seeing the promises fulfilled—keep going. 


Give God all the hurts that you experienced and share with Him how you deeply feel. Give Him the pastime that hurt and then cut it off completely, as you let go of the place where doubt and fear was found. 


Stay new–like cutting off old dead ends. Then rise back up with faith and hope and believe that anything can happen at any moment. 


You will be thankful for the temporary set back, because it was a set-up from God for you to plunder your enemies and receive abundantly more than all you were promised. 


Thank you for trekking through this with us and for your unconditional love. I cherish you so much, and I am praying that you receive back abundantly more than all was taken from you as well. 










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