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Wrapped in Power and Comfort


When you look at your troubles and needs, it can feel like being buried alive with weight. Sometimes when I look at how I am going to survive another day on this roller coaster journey, I get so overwhelmed with how impossible it seems. 


The weight feels like being buried alive sometimes because those huge needs seem impossible to survive or financial demands that are just too big to be able to come up with. 


When I get into that place where the problems that I am facing are the focus of my attention, I break down… I end up drowning in fear or worry. 


That is a dangerous thing to do in this kind of situation. The other day God said to me, “you can no longer afford to think a negative thought” and then He told me to replace my thoughts with His promises. 


Because it is not about what I can do, but what God will do through His Sovereign power mixed with my faith. When I am looking at the problems, I am taking them upon myself. More than anything I am looking to myself and my weaknesses to fix a need that is too big for me to do. 


When I find myself starting to look too much at my needs and the fears of falling from this place where God has taken us, then I have to change my focus. Because where we place our attention is like where we direct the heat that brings fulfillment. 


We can either see our fears come true, or we can see the object of our hopes come true. Even just thinking about what you fear can be detrimental. Focus is powerful. It all depends on what we focus on. We can use our faith for bringing out a blessing or a curse. It is always a choice. 


Last night I was looking at the massive impossible mountain in front of me and I found myself teetering between hope and fear. I obviously had no way to fix the problem and need that I had, but God had given me promises that He would take care of it all. 


So I put on this very calming audio track that I made that is just simply God’s promises spoken over soothing music…it is like sweet milk. As soon as I started to listen, it was like I was transported to Heaven, and I had more than enough to cover every need and problem. 


I was whisked away into a place that we free from all dangers and troubles. I was in that place of being so saturated by God’s all-powerful words, that I forgot about all of my stresses that had been weighing on my chest. 


After I listened to it a couple of times, I was on cloud 9 with faith, hope, and expectancy. God started to flood me with NEW visions of promise and I saw my life in a way that God promised that it would be with ultra clarity. 


I ended up in a high altitude place all evening, being completely consumed with joy and gratitude of what my life will soon look like. 


When you find yourself teetering in the place that borders worry and hope, that is the moment that it is crucial to self-medicate with God’s promises to you. 


I made this audio soothing soak as a way to calm and comfort myself while going through life or death situations. Not only does it instantly put out the fires, like pouring out cool milk, but it has caused me to see so many manifestations of God promises just by listening. 


If you are interested in an upgrade of hope, faith, and seeing fulfillment in your life, then your assignment today is to rest in the all-powerful place of God’s promises. 


Before I made this audio soak, God showed me that the more I listened to it, the words would become like fire of fulfillment for me and that His promises would take the place of every need and trouble in my life. 


It is the most intensive session of soul soothing comfort. 


If you are interested in having your own copy, please see more at the link below. It is only $5. 


God bless you and I pray you are wrapped in the comfort and power of God as you are taken high above every need or trouble that you have. 

Love, Dannette


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