Love Letters

The Unexpected Gifts Will Be the Sweetest

A love letter from the Father


All is not as hopeless as it looks, dear one. Have no worries, this will not become a tragic ending, and I will not leave you helpless. I have got big plans to show you! I will refresh your life in a breathtaking way, and I will lift away the excruciating pain that you are feeling. 


In this place of unbearable burdens and desperate need, I will be a desert oasis to save the day, like a date palm tree to give you energy and strength. Even though this need seems impossible to cover, I will deliver the miracle that I have promised. 


Like a date seed that can come to life after thousands of years, there are unexpected sweet surprises coming out that will awaken your heart from the sorrowful tears. 


Like a date palm that can withstand the harshest desert conditions, the power within My words contain remarkable resilience to overcome every obstacle that you are facing at this moment. 


This is not an impossible need for Me. Nothing is too big that I cannot deliver with overwhelming relief. I have perfectly planned the fruit of My promise to emerge as a rescue of true love through this situation. I knew what you would need, before you even felt this agonizing pressure. 


You will be richly comforted by the sweet, sticky fruit of My promise coming to fruition, even after how long you have been waiting. 


I will renew you with tangible goodness, after having to endure such a long and troublesome journey. Instead of fainting from the hunger or wanting, you’ll be indulging in the “bread of the desert” as the candy of My sweet words are made tangible. 


You are closer to the fulfillment than you have ever been, even though it seems so far away at the moment. I will manifest My promise in a heartbeat, to relieve your pain and aid you with comfort.


My dear, refuse to think of any fears coming to pass, like pulling out the thorns of a date palm, so that you can gather the harvest. Beloved, wrap your arms around the hope of this being done, like shaking a date palm to cause the sweetest fruits to fall all at once. 


There is a hidden storehouse of riches in this desert place, like a lush and lavish date palm that must be grown in the scorching desert heat. All the water is saturated at the root, and My words will fulfill the purpose that I have given. 


I have more than you will never need, prepared to be brought into the open. I will cause glittering water to bubble up during this time, when it appears like there won’t be anything to survive. 


It will be just the opposite as it seems! Instead of more tiresome traveling through the unending desert of needs and demands, you will receive the sweetest moments that you have ever had.


Your life is protected in My borders and those threats of danger cannot come close. You will receive unimaginable sweetness to cover every impossible-looking need, and a consistent flow of support will pour out like an irrigation system. 


Beloved child, be confident and expectant that good things will be happening. You can have all that you hope. So rise up into hope, and keep going up—up—up! With great enthusiasm, reach towards this promise, like climbing a date palm to gather the sweet caramel fruit that you love. 


Even though it may seem late in coming, you will receive the promise in full to cover your deepest needs and longings. The seed is alive and filled with gold, this will be the sweet moment that you have been dreaming about. 


Don’t stop believing, dear heart. Be full of confidence as you rest in My promises. In the thick of every fearful circumstance threatening you right now, you will be engulfed in the hopeful ending that you have dreamed to be done. 


I will meet you here to turn your seeds of hope into the tangible goodness that I have been speaking of. Even in the midst of your troubles and needs, you will receive more blessings than you can even believe. 


From the dust and agony that you are enduring, the ancient seeds of My promises will grow again and bear fruit. Trust in My timing as you fall into My arms. When the moment is just perfect, I will surprise you with a sweet fulfillment, like clusters of sweet dates hanging low to the ground. 


My darling, don’t be despaired, this will happen in a matter of seconds. I don’t need much time. Out of thin air, the seeds of your promises will breathe into life. You will feast your eyes on the sweetest ripeness at a time that doesn’t look right. 


Like dormant date palm seeds that have been silent for what seems like an eternity, My promises will be revived to present you with both what you need and desire more than anything. 


I will surprise you! A wonderland will take over the hot, desert sand, and you will be immersed in the sweetest desert oasis with cool water running into your hands. 


I will give you just what you hope, and I will fully satisfy your needs as My hidden sources of wealth are revealed. To your surprise, it will spout up just in time, and you will encounter My personal love beneath the shimmering sun and date palm trees. 


Like fresh dates spilling into your hands, you will be covered in sweetness that goes beyond what you can describe or understand. I will envelop you in the tenderness that you need at this time, it will be too delicious to even describe. 


My loveliest one, plan to receive much better than you think, as I surprise you with an experience that is richer than chocolate and sweeter than gumdrops. Nothing bitter that you fear will come, but only tangible sweetness of My promises will materialize. 


Unlike how this place and time looks, you will find yourself in a sudden new arrival of freedom from My love. It will be the best you have ever tasted or known. Truly, My dear, the unexpected gifts will be the sweetest to come.


You will see the shimmering spark of My promises being fulfilled, as I carry you into a wonderful flooded with light shining out. The dry, barren ground will instantly transform into luscious forests of date palms dripping with the sweetest surprise gifts.


To your amazement, everything will suddenly change. I will show up to do the unbelievable for you, like palm branches instantly appearing in the desert expanse laden with the richest and most decadent date fruits. It will turn out to be even better than you envisioned!


This time is not how it looks or seems. From this sweltering desert mound, the treasured seed that was buried will rise up out of the ground. Everything will change into a dream, at this time when it doesn’t seem like it could ever be. 


You are not even ready for this, My beloved one. You won’t see it coming. I will enter through the back way, completely unannounced. I will show you, My dearest friend, that the unexpected gifts are the sweetest to be found.


Scribed by Dannette Ward



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