Love Letters

From Dust to Gold

A love letter from the Father 



Don’t worry, My darling one, I won’t hurt you. Remember, I am right by your side. You always have Me, as a loyal Friend and lover of your soul.


I’ll save you, and this experience will turn out much better than you have hoped. Remember, you are not alone. I am the power to fill places where you feel weak or in need. 


There’s more to come, beloved one. You have never been on this road before, so do not look back to those times when you suffered so much. Everything is new now, that I can promise. You are moving over the rainbow, to the fulfillment of what I have promised to do. 


Take a deep breath, cherished child, and calm your heart once more. You don’t have to be in a hurry, you are not running from any troubles as you have before. I am leading you out of what you have had to face, into the unimaginable beauty of a much better place. 


Nothing that you fear is going to be done, I am guarding you from any dangers that could come. You are protected on all sides, so relax and hold your head up high. I will sweep you off of your feet with the sweetest surprise, as I cause those plots against you to fall to demise. 


I am frustrating those who have been hoping for your downfall, as I cause you to thrive and shimmer like rose gold. You will rise up into more success than you have known, and no more will you be treated with the unkindness that you have been shown. 


Oh, My loveliest one. Stretch out upon the canopy of My protection and allow yourself to dream again without hesitation. Allow yourself to recline into My love, as you give yourself into the reckless splendor of a deep surrender. 


Continue to follow along this golden hued path into manifested promise, as you inhale hope like sun-ripened poppies. You can be fearless before the mobs of attacks, because I have paved you in My blessings on all sides. 


Those who have negative thoughts against you will stumble and fall into disgrace. Suddenly, the pressure will be gone as the enemy resistance disappears from the sidelines. 


He who stands against you will face complete ruin. His reputation will be trashed, as he falls like a Philistine giant onto the gunpowder covered grass. Yet, you, My beautiful darling, will be set on high ground and untouched from the dirt and debris all around. I will be there Myself and I will bless you enormously. 


I will comfort you, dear one, as you are embraced and revived by the sweetness of peach cobbler winds. You will take over new ground as I enlarge your territory. I will set you up right as I give you the very best love story with a happy ending. 


I am taking charge of your needs, and I will arrive at the battlefield as your Redeemer. I will free you from the oppressing burdens, and I will cancel your debts to relieve you of all hurting. 


In an instant. Your life will be turned around. Instead of being shell shocked from attacks, you will be released from the repetition of traumas from the past. I will adorn you in the brilliance of tangible gold, as you bask in the sunshine of being so intimately cared for. 


My plans have paved a way for you to have a ‘one-in-a-million’ success story. I will have the last laugh! My presence has secured the passage to ensure that your life radiates with My glory. Rather than been in seen as the least, you will be placed in a glittering gold castle and a lovely new story. 


I will use the sorrows of your past to decorate all that is new. The story of your tears and struggles, will only magnify the beauty of how you appear. I will use your life to restore those worn down from pain, and you will be a breath of fresh air to assist those on their journey ahead. 


Your life will reveal My promises of gold, and it will be apparent that you are My own, without even needing to be told. You will be known as a true carrier of My love, and you will be given a high place of respect. 


There is gold rising within you, beloved one, in that secret place between slumber and sunrise. I will cause you to gather the beauty of fulfillment, like picking violet wildflowers to inhale their rich fragrance. 


Continue to march towards the sparking green place of promised fulfillment, as I direct you to the hidden treasure that you have dreamed to have. 


You are on a path that is guaranteed to bring out gold, marked with milestones of My intentional love. I will cause you to receive the sudden abundant rains of promised prosperity, shimmering down like gold flakes, to cover all of your needs. 


I will give you only the best, as you venture along this golden brick road. My indescribable presence will take away your troubles and lighten your load. I will make you shine with new life, like a diamond set between emeralds, without any of the filth from what you have been through. 


Hidden riches will appear out of nowhere, sprouting like mushrooms all around you. Even when you sleep, I will surround you with love, as you receive constant deliveries of uncommon wealth. 


I am giving you financial freedom and relief from restrictions. You’ll spread out to enjoy the fullness of this life that I have promised. With My love, I am re-crafting everything. It will become a beautiful paradox where immense joy is born from the bitterness of pain.


I will make you new again, and all the scars that you have felt will not hurt as they have. The mark left from the wound will only intensify your beauty, like shattered pottery glued together with a glittering gold lining.  


My dear one, prepare to rise over all that you have endured, as I cause you to feast on My promised inheritance. In a sudden moment, an abrupt door will open that I have foretold, and it will cause your world to transform from dust to gold. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward



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