Faith Stories

Expect the Unexpected



As if going through these constant faith tests for God to rescue us daily with room refuge and food support were not enough, I had another massively important and very unexpected trouble show up. 


When I started this journey with God, I had two middle school children with me as a single parent. Since that time, they have grown and flourished. God led us to the city that we are currently staying in because one of my daughter’s was accepted into her dream college. (At her request for privacy, I cannot reveal where). 


Even with all the moving over the years, she graduated from her home school high school in the top 10% of her class—with honors! She was even awarded a presidential scholarship to college, despite having to face such severe difficulties with our living situation. 


Over the past couple of months, we moved her into her own dorm. She was even granted the special privilege of having a dorm all to herself! She has been thriving in her new environment, and now it is just me and my youngest daughter going through this journey with God. 


But I didn’t realize that my college daughter would end up on a faith test of her own. I found out unexpectedly that she needed 10K in only a matter of 5 days, or she would have to leave school and her new “dorm” home. 


I was so distraught and so was she. Neither of us could sleep from all the worry and pressure. I didn’t even know how God was going to cover our food and room needs….let alone needing ten thousand in only a matter of days. 


Yet, like the eagle using the storm winds to be lifted high, God led me and my daughter to believe that God would deliver the 10K by some sort of miracle. I even received a personal love letter from God with a promise to deliver this miracle need. 


I was trying not to panic because I had no space to take her back right now with all of her new dorm things, and she would have been utterly heartbroken to have to leave. 


We decided to trust God’s promise and not how impossible it looks. This opposition really brought out my daughter’s faith in a phenomenal way as well. 


I was not expecting what happened next….


Yesterday we received an email that my daughter had been awarded a special one time scholarship of almost 8K for her tuition and there is another 4K that she will be awarded as well after we complete a document. We are claiming that by faith! Also, her dorm scholarship was increased too! 


From the most impossible need imaginable and at such a difficult time, God did the unexpected and rescued my daughter! He stepped in just in time and not a minute too late. 


This morning I am in need of a miracle for myself, and I am believing God to show up just like that—just in time and not a minute too late! God has had me in a deep stretching of faith for it for days, and it has taken all of my strength to get through it.


Also, He is saying to “Expect the Unexpected”….because you just never know what kind of surprise timing that God has up His sleeve. 


I hope that I can share good news about my miracle morning being answered soon, and I pray that you are surprised with an unexpected miracle too! 


Big hugs, 





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