Love Letters

The Night When Promises Come Out

A love letter from the Father 



My dear child, I love you so much. I will treat you well and enrich your life with all that I have promised. Continue doing what you are and stand confidently knowing that I have set you onto this path. 


Please, listen, My loveliest one. Take My hand and trust that I am right here by your side. Pay no attention to the bitter uprising and corruption from the unhealed. Your troubles are ending, and you will no longer endure the unrelenting rounds of warfare.


Take a deep breath, dear heart. No one stands a chance against you because I have called you to this moment. Do not bow down to those who boast with arrogance and pride. Give no worry to those who claim to love Me–but spread falsehood and lies. I will take them down from their haughty place, and I will reveal the true colors of their ways. 


There is no one who can take what I have promised to you away. I am doing something marvelously grand that your attackers do not know about, and the plans that I have foretold are being secretly brought out. 


You will know, without a doubt, that I have called you and singled you out. I will bring low those who oppose your path, and I will rescue you from the accusations they have. 


I will hide you from those with ill intentions for your life, and I will rebuke those who have not spoken of you right. Although they came against you in a vulnerable place, I will pay them back with humiliation and disgrace. 


Beloved, you can always count on My favor for you. My dependable love will show up on time to cause every detail to be just right. I will make a grand display of how much I love you, and those bullies who are against you will trip over their own words and fall over backwards. 


I will be the power in your weakness and the glory in your midst. You will have more than enough, and no longer will you endure hunger and want. My love will save you from the hardship as I prove once again that I am the One that you can always count on. 


Oh My dear, have confidence in Me to honor My words. I will overwhelm you with lavish amounts of My goodness, despite being surrounded by troubles and grief. I am giving you extra room to breathe, as I lift you off of your feet. 


I will help you! You’ll be full of blessings! I am setting you up to swiftly rise. From this low place, you will shoot up to the skies! You have already won this victory, and I handed your enemies over to utter defeat. 


The warfare against you is causing you to see a meteor shower of fulfilled promises and extraordinary beauty. Just as meteor showers come at a time when there is greater than usual interplanetary debris, this is a set-up of blessings for you to receive and a strategically devised trap for your enemies feet. 


I will use the purity of your heart to expose the false teachers and liars. I am bringing you into the place of your dreams, and you will never quit telling this love story that I will bring. 


My dear, I am about to show up with a surprising and sudden open door. The promise that I have made will show up right on time. Leave no room for a second guess, and do not settle for less than what I have promised you. 


I will cause the love that I have shown you to splash over onto everyone around you, as you continue to encounter My riches and glory. I will hold you in the strength and power of My hand, as I shut the mouths of the slandering arrogant. It will be clear that My love is backing you up!


My love is behind this promotion, darling one. Like meteors that enter the atmosphere at extremely high speeds, I am rocketing you into a sudden place of fame. No more will you be knocked down to the ground or be seen as a lowly one. 


You are being wrapped in lavish layers of My goodness and beauty, and I will return you to the youth and all of its sweetness. Everything will change overnight, and by the time you open your eyes—the fulfillment will have already passed on by. 


I will do far beyond what you have prayed, and it will be better than you have hoped to see. Like an onyx night owl hunting silently in the darkness, I will surprise with a quick and unexpected fulfillment at a time that seems impossible. 


You cannot see how close the prophetic fullness is, because it is hidden in the darkness before you. Just as meteors look like they fall from the same place, yet they enter on parallel trajectories, things are not how they seem or look today. 


It is closer than you know, and I will startle you with abrupt good news. Like a night full of stardust falling all at once, My glory will be revealed with wonders passing before your eyes. 


It will be just like I promised you, and so many promises will come out at the same time. It will be like a meteor shower event, when a multitude of meteors radiate together and illuminate the darkness. 


The night when it all comes out is going to surprisingly show up, and it will be far better than you could have ever imagined. The night will light up with miracles bursting into dreams come true. It will be the night when My shimmering promises come out to you. 


Scribed by Dannette Ward

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