Love Letters

Here Comes the Last Act

A love letter from the Father 


Just because there does not seem to be much movement at the moment, does not mean that you are far away from the promised fulfillment coming. 


Look, My beloved one, to evidence all around you. Didn’t I say that I would surprise you at a time when it doesn’t seem like it could possibly become true? 


The hints of fulfillment are moving in, like little road signs to reveal that the moment is about to begin. The winter winds are spilling over with secrets of good news, and snowflakes are dancing through the air as this surprise begins to sneak up on you.


Beloved darling, this is when the curtain is changed, like the brief emptying of the stage, before the final scene. I am serving you up something so comforting and sweet, like gingerbread that was once served as the sweetmeat during the ‘voidee’ long ago. 


The ‘voidee’ was a special moment when the table was cleared of dishes between the indulgent courses of a meal. Gingerbread was the treat to celebrate the moment of change and similarly, I am going to treat you to something profoundly comforting and sweet, as the last act of this story begins to take place. 


Even though it would seem like you should suffer or be in want during such a time of hardship, I will keep you warm and comfort you with the sweetest treats, as you prepare to see the grand finale of this prophetic promise come out. 


I promise, My dear, that I will still be right here. As a matter of fact, you will keep on rising, like sweet bread served before the most anticipated moment. Do not be afraid, you will not suffer the same. 


The scene of the last season has already been changed. The time is right to create new memories. You are spreading out with increase, and it will only get better from here. 


Feel the warmth of My loving arms holding on to every thing that matters to you. Dear heart, without hesitation, choose to trust and believe, over and over again. There is no need to be anxious about a thing, there will be plenty more coming.  


Just as gingerbread was served at the end of one course of a meal to comfort the belly and sweeten the taste buds, a welcomed rich treat is being delivered, to set the mood for the grand finale of the last act of this past story. 


The highlight of the night is about to begin, and you will see the promised outcome being delivered like warm sweet bread fresh from the oven. The fireplace of soothing love is flickering in excitement and the flames are dancing to the sounds of the last song playing. 


A ballet of perfection is being put on display, as I reveal the intricate way that I have orchestrated everything. A peaceful atmosphere has been set, and you will not endure the pressure and pain that you have. 


Like glazed gingerbread baked on a warm parchment sheet, this is the time when lovers finally meet. You will be thankful for this uncommon path, when you taste how much better this heavenly bread tastes from scratch. 


My dear, this moment is filled with the beauty of newness. New memories…new encounters…and new love emerging just around the corner. Take a seat, My radiant one, because the last scene of this story is about to begin!


Close your eyes, My dear one, and realize the time that you are in. The more unlikely it seems, the more real it is to be happening. Inhale the sweetness of My personal care, like the lingering toasty smell of gingerbread warm out of the oven. 


You will dine on the ginger-and-spice flavored cookie to kick things off, and after that I will move so fast that you won’t be able to sit still at all. 


Let your worries go by, and relax your defenses from living in survival. I promise that you will feast on My blessings and nothing will hurt the way that it has. Beloved, let this be the moment that you break off the bad relationship with fear and choose to abide in faith and optimism only. 


Allow every doubt to take a bow and send it to the exit on the left side of the stage, once and for all. Fill your heart with bursting hope as you prepare to receive the best love gifts with more than you are ready for. 


Put your feet up and enjoy these gingerbread comforts, as I reveal the unique way that I have made this moment even more special. The stage has been set, My child, and the finale is about to begin!


I have saved the best for you, as I personally pick you up with My glorious love as a life-saving Friend. You will see the most indulgent surprise, in the very place where the sweet loaves rise. 


I will be your knight in shining armor, as I rescue you in the compassionate care of My Sovereign support. This encounter will bring you closer to knowing My love more than ever before, as I create a deeply personal atmosphere to show you the wonder of My wrap-around comforts. 


My chosen one, this will be a captivating night, where the beauty of My promise starts to take flight. It will be sweeter than anything ever before, like gingery sweet bread reserved for the most special occasions. 


Your story will transform into a fairy tale filled with the loveliest possibilities, as I deliver a once upon a time happy ending. This chapter will go out with a bang, as I reveal a surprisingly unexpected new turning page.  


The final act is starting now, as the problems that you have struggled with are finally resolved. You will receive utter relief from the unbearable moments of emotional intensity. 


I am bringing back long-forgotten characters of the past for a complete resolution of the story and the tying up of loose ends. In this final act, the problems are solved and the start of something wondrously new will abruptly get started. 


Your story will become so popular that it will be hard to keep up. It will be openly apparent that My love is with you above anything else! I will reveal how much you are loved, as I cause a new connection to spark into something deeper than you’ve ever felt before. 


My sweet little one, it is time for the last act of this old story to begin and end, as I set you into a brand-new journey. Your story will be remembered for years to come, and it will inspire many from My all-intentional love. 


My dear, the fact that it doesn’t seem like the fulfillment will ever come, is the exact reason why you can expect it to be done. So prepare to encounter the sweet bread of My fresh baked goodness, as the best part of the show gets started very quickly. 


Just as I have told you before, I am going to surprise you with a materialized promise, arriving before it seems like it could be possible. Out of nowhere the last act will begin unexpectedly to cause everything to change very rapidly.  


Scribed by Dannette Ward



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