Love Letters

The Fulfillment is Closer than it Appears

A love letter from the Father



My loveliest rose, it will all be just as I have promised you. Everything that your heart desires will find its way to you. This promised outcome is guaranteed to be true. Everything that you have hoped for will show up on its own, so just relax and start expecting good news to suddenly come.ย 


A new beginning starts with an ending. It is time to let the past version of your life float away and say goodbye to the doubts and past disappointments that have hindered you from receiving. Move beyond the past as you choose to let go of all the fear that blocks the flow of fulfillment from emerging.ย 


Rest upon My vows, dear heart, as you trust Me to control the flow of the waters throughout every moment. I am carrying you into a dream, and all that I have promised that you would receive.ย 


There is no need to strive to see this arrive. Just breathe and recline as you surrender to the certainty of this promise taking place. Like floating in a vast sea of stillness, release every doubtful resistance and choose to have confidence in My Sovereign power and intentional love to fulfill what I have promised to do.ย 


Beloved, move out of the way so that you can fully receive. Sink into the peace and harmony of resting in belief. As you believe, everything starts to move freely. Open your heart to accept that what I have promised and what you have prayed for as already yours.ย 


Forget how things look at this moment, My beauty, and float into the space where you already have the life that you seek. Be in the place of what you have prayed to be. Be in what you have been promised as a tangible thing.ย 


Enter into this dream mentally with the inspiration of trusting faith. Stay in that place of fulfillment, as you let every resistant tension melt away like water running down your face.ย 


It is safe to trust My plans, My cherished little one. You will not be given over to what you fear or those with evil intentions, rather you will continue to pass through more and more blessings as you float into the fulfillment of every promise.ย 


Relinquish all control from your fingertips, as you trust My promise to always support you and hold you up. I will carry you into the place of My promise, and it will be more beautiful than you have ever dreamed up.


Beloved darling, abandon your understanding and no longer try to understand how I will fulfill My words. Feel the freedom and peace of settled rest, and breathe from the place of complete reliance and trust.ย 


Be open to things being much easier, My dear, as you choose to trust the peace that everything is different for you here. Inhale the rich, sweet fragrances of the words that I have foretold, like being engulfed in the decadent roses scattered all around.ย 


In your weakest moment of vulnerability to trust and surrender, you will encounter My power to bring you a miracle that transforms you forever. In a flash of a moment, everything will look just as I promised that it would.


The freedom of fulfillment is closer than it appears. As you restfully float through the turns of the river bend, I will suddenly surprise you with the fullness of the expected end. As you are dreaming about this promise coming true, the promise fulfillment will shockingly be upon you.ย 



Scribed by Dannette Ward





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