Faith Stories

It Seemed Beyond Impossible


After all the travels that God took us on during this seemingly never-ending faith journey, God called one of my daughters to a new place. She was accepted into her dream college, and she was given a new “place to call home” with a school dorm of her very own. 


Getting her there was a non-stop series of “faith leaps” and that is a story all on its own for another day lol. 


We dropped her at her new little home at the end of summer, and she has been flourishing in her new environment. 


But something unexpected came up that caused us a great panic. On November 1st, my daughter told me that she found out that they school needed MUCH MORE than 10 thousand dollars by November 3rd, or she would have to leave school and lose her dorm. 


I had no idea…


I was in a series of faith tests myself for God’s promise to support us at a hotel, and coming up with 10K in only 3 days sounded like the most impossible thing in the world. There was just no way…..


However, God started to give me personal love letters of promise that He would pull off a great miracle and supply this gigantic amount. It was a true test of faith to believe Him, because I could see no possible way for it to be done. 


The deadline came and went, and I held my breath, waiting on God to show up and keep His promise. 


After it seemed way too late, on November 13th, my daughter found out that she was awarded a scholarship for almost $7900 towards her tuition! It was a huge miracle, and we were so relieved, but we still had more to come up with, and that seemed just as impossible to do given our unique situation. 


Yesterday, on November 17th, the final results of my daughter’s scholarship offers were finalized, and we were surprised to find out that she was awarded an additional $4000! 


From having no way to cover the tuition, my daughter received a miracle of over10 thousand dollars to cover her education. The school then said that they would waive the late fees and that we still needed $1110 to cover the excess amount for other fees for her to stay. 


God took us from needing a 10 thousand dollar miracle to only needing just over $1000 in a very short amount of time. He also flew in to rescue us when it seemed too late. However, God caused time to be on our side and my daughter was given favor from all sides. 


The story is still to be continued, as we now await God to bring the rest of the fulfillment that He promised. Thankfully, instead of needing ten thousand in an unreasonable amount of time, now the amount is only one thousand. 


I am looking forward to sharing the next wave of good news with you! If God had not given me the personal promise to apply my faith, I don’t know if such a wonderful moment could take place. God moved with our faith….


Not just my faith, but my daughter stayed up all night long for many nights pressing into her faith as well. I can only expect that even more than we need will pour out, based on the promise of Ephesians 3:20….


Now to the God who can do so many awe-inspiring things, immeasurable things, things greater than we ever could ask or imagine through the power at work in us







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