Love Letters

Season of the Impossible Being Done

A love letter from the Father


Although the tumultuous waves can seem unpredictable, and the need before you utterly impossible, I will reveal My glory through this season and cause a series of breathtaking miracles to emerge suddenly and effortless. 


My dear, you have nothing to fear. I have a surprise for you that will make this the most loved memory so far! 


This is a time when you can truly rest, as you allow Me to show you the very best. I will hide you from preying eyes, and I will conceal you from plots of evil in My Sovereign disguise.


I will keep you cozy and warm, in the brutally frigid warfare. Not only that, but I will show you that I love you in all possible ways, and I wrap you in My comforts to make you feel safe. I will handle all that is required, so just rest for a moment here and breathe for a while. 


It will all be okay, and I will prove to you that this time is much better than you think. Rather than seeing your fears come to pass, you will be engulfed in My miraculous healing power, becoming tangible for you at last. 


Look up, My darling, and remember the stars sparking with promise. Retrace your thoughts over the words that I have spoken about your very unique and delicate situation. 


Beloved, remember who I am for you. Is not My word like fire that consumes all, and like a hammer that breaks the most stubborn rock into pieces? Your impossibilities are no match for Me, and your life is about to look just as I have promised it would be. 


Like a hammerhead shark that means “true hammer”, I will emerge like a Hero of the sea to cause you to enjoy this season prosperously, regardless of the impossible seeming resistance that you see. 


I will provide for you in a million different ways, and you will be counting My blessings like shimmering fishes leaping like golden coins out of the ocean. My love support to you is a promise that never ends, so take a load off of your shoulders and relax in the happiness that I bring. 


Have confidence in Me to be the ever-present help that you need. I will give you the lift that you dream to see, as I raise you into all that I promised would be.


Just as a female hammerhead shark enters parthenogenesis to create an offspring by herself in a miracle conception, My love will always find a way to fulfill your hopes, regardless of how impossible this may look.


Dear heart, did I not say that if you believed, that you would see My glory manifested out? Do not underestimate what I will bring! Everything will transform rapidly. The dry barren land will become a lush, vibrant green and the azure blue skies will radiate breathtakingly. 


I will move quicker than the fastest moving shark to save you from undesirable situations. Like a bullet moving faster than what the naked eye can see and faster than twice the speed of sound, I will suddenly and quietly emerge to cause everything to be just as I foretold it to be. 


With precision and grace, I will cause you to fly into your dream fulfillment, and you won’t even by able to understand how it all happened. 


You are moving into the heights that I have promised, and you will not stop rising up! Nothing, you see, is impossible with Me and I have all the power needed to fulfill My promise. My dear, if you don’t believe it yet, you will after this! 


I will lavish you with the best indulgences of the sea, like Mahi Mahi fish that means “gold” in Spanish and “strong” in Hawaiian. Not only will I break you through this impossible need, but I will show you the power of My miraculous glory. 


Just as hammerhead sharks can see with excellence all that is below and above, but they cannot see what is right under their noses. The moment that I have been leading you up to is right in front of you. This moment that you have been so desperate to see is much closer than you even think!


The dream that you have cherished so long is right at your fingertips and getting closer and closer. I will move before you with wisps of wonder, to give you complete freedom and the enemies plunder. 


Everything will soon look just as I said it would be, and it will be downright beautiful to see. I am enlarging your life with My blessings, as I amaze you with an eventful series of good surprises. 


Nothing can stop what I have promised you, and I am about to perform a miracle that will change your life into what I have vowed to do. You are in for the thrill beyond compare, as I cause My explosive power to fill the air. 


You will behold a vast array of wonders, like an unexpected rainbow sheen covering an entire ocean. Against all odds of surviving this, I will break through with My promise to give you a season of miracles that are truly outrageous!


This is the season of the impossible being done, as I answer your cries to encounter the Glory of My love.  I will do what looks and seems impossible, on no part of your own. This dream will only come from My glory pouring out. 


I will cause the impossible to become a possible thing, as My miracle power bursts out from the unseen. Everything will change for you sooner than you think, as I cause your life to become bejeweled with more beauty than you have ever seen. 


Beauty is coming back again, as I rewind the time that has been spent. Like a Mahi Mahi fish with color changing cells, everything will start to look lovely again, like the spectacular fish flickering its colors. 


The dreams that you have been told will finally become tangible to behold. A wonder-wrapped miracle will pass before your eyes, as I cause you to encounter My glory, filling you with the captivating elegance of cotton-candy colored skies. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward


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