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Surprise Beauty from the Battle



The other night the Lord told me that I was going to go very “low” and He said that it was part of the warfare. He said that there was a battle against me with accusations that He never agreed with, and to trust Him to bring me beauty out of the battleground. 


The next day things went low indeed… We had to be moved into a lower level room than what we had, because the room that we were gifted was smaller. There was only one bed in the new room. Because of a trauma that happened to my child long ago by someone I won’t mention, I will never force my kids to share a bed with me or anyone else. 


Since there was no place for me to sleep, I made myself a bed on the floor inside a tiny closet. It felt like I was in a war shelter hiding place. The ground was very cruel, and it hurt so much to sleep on. My hips hurt so bad from sleeping there, and I was in agony. Yet I was so thankful to have the refuge. 



Instead of dwelling on the lowliness of my new sleeping arraignment, I turned the humble little space into a prayer closet. I spent my time in the small confinement praying and soaking in the audio faith activations that I made and that I offer on my website store.


God kept telling me that something unexpected was coming that was very good, so I was in expectancy for some kind of surprise to arrive. Our little, humble room only had 2 more nights covered, and I had already been praying for God to send comforts for the next place. 


This morning, there was beauty that suddenly appeared, just like breathtaking red poppies after the war. I found out that someone bought us a big, comfortable room in the same hotel for the rest of the month! 15 nights of rest and refuge! AND it has a bed for each of us and a separate bedroom for privacy. 


Not only did God send me beauty from the battle, but He was thoughtful enough to ensure that we had a cozy, warm place to spend Thanksgiving. The hotel has a kitchen, so we can actually prepare something homemade as well. 


It was the best surprise! After it all happened, I realized that those accusations against me were a blessing in the disguise and that having to kneel into a low place, like sleeping in the closet on the floor, was my secret weapon and hidden blessing. 


God had said to me a while back that “you will go low to rise”. The low times of hardship will only increase us with more goodness from God, because God will bless us when our enemies try to hurt us.


YOU CANNOT CURSE WHOM GOD HAS BLESSED. It will backfire on your enemies every time! Just like the Israelites in bondage…the more they were afflicted, the more they increased and flourished. 


After World War 1, there was this spectacular event that happened. Because the battleground was covered in gunpowder, it activated the soil in a way that caused a sea of red poppies to emerge and bloom with radiant beauty. 


There is beauty hidden in the warfare. God made me a promise once that for every accusation against me, I will receive a double blessing AND I will rise even higher in His promotion and honor. Our accusers are unknowingly lifting us higher!


Getting insulted is a place where beauty blooms from the battle. So anytime someone says something unloving or speaks false accusations about you, look for the beauty that God sends you as reward from the warfare. 


There is a hidden blessing of beauty in the battle and those who are against you are the VERY ONES that are causing you to step into accumulated success, prosperity, and magnified honor. Celebrate when you are insulted, because that is your blessing in disguise! 


I love you! I pray you see the beauty from your battles blossom like a field of red poppies emerging as an unexpected surprise. May you awaken from your tears and lowly times into the tangible love gifts from God, rising out of the place of war right before your eyes. 


God has your back and no one will attack you and get away with it…you can rest assured of that! 


Love, Dannette

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