Love Letters

I Won’t Let You Down


A love letter from Jesus. 




You will no longer be pushed back from the resistance. I am swooping in as a Hero to your rescue. I will be the Hand to hold you, like the wind pressure that pushes a kite into the blue sky. My goodness and love are wrapped around you to overcome the downward pull of gravity. Now you will fly cheerfully like a kite into the manifestation of your heart desires and answered prayers. 




Don’t believe the fears that you dread, there is nothing to worry about up ahead. Worry for nothing, as you cast every anxiety onto Me. I am watching over you very carefully with deep affections. You are a jewel in My crown and I will protect you at all cost. Nothing that I have spoken to you will fall to the ground. Trust in My words despite anything below. I won’t let you down, I have given you these promises to have and to hold.





Keep yourself in confident belief in My promises, staying high with expecting hope. I will carry you as the wind power that carries a kite. Stay joined to Me and I will stay joined to you. Without fear or doubt, always cast down a worrisome thought. Relax into Me and concentrate on My words. I want you to be completely happy until your joy overflows. Ask for whatever you like and it will be given. I guarantee the desire is already yours! 





Challenge the resistance around you by trusting what I promised you and you will be lifted up like a kite fluttering in the wind. With a little courage and faith, you will be lifted up to catch your dreams in an instant. There is hope that today it can happen! The sky’s the limit! You can go as high as you want, without limits. Don’t look down with doubt. I will not deny you! Instead, I will give you plenty of goodness to make you young again. Like an eagle, you will grow new feathers of lasting effortless beauty. 





Everything is possible, so expect the unexpected. The unexpected things will be the very best! I will fill all of your needs with riches to full and pouring over. Like the imaginary “yaw” line of a kite, that reaches from the ground to the sky. No matter which way that you turn, I will keep you lifted above all opposition. I won’t let you down so dare to believe with the biggest faith. Let Me surprise you once again to restore the wonder to your eyes, with My spectacular gifts. 



Scribed by Dannette Lynn Ward



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